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Garage Door Services

Choosing a Garage Door Service

Most people don’t ever think about hiring a garage door service company until there is a problem with their garage door. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure when you need help and they have to choose  a company  immediately. When you need garage door repair company because you have a problem, choose the right company so you won’t be let down because of broken guarantees, careless work, or cheap replacement parts.

Magic Garage Door wants to make it simple to choose a quality garage door repair company. We have over the last 10 years in the industry and we have had many satisfied customers. The best way to hire a garage door company is knowing which company has the best credentials for your needs.

You won’t be impressed by the number of garage door businesses that try to bluff their way through.  Garage door repair has low start up costs and the industry attracts many unqualified people. Magic has over 10 years of experience. You should call us first.

If you are shopping for a garage door repair company, always ask questions like do they cover your property covered for damages and do they have liability insurance ? Having the right insurance means they have the liability to cover the value of your home and cover every potential problem that could happen.

What’s their reputation like in Westlake Village? Any time you deal with an unknown company it is uncertain business. A lot of good people have been injured by bad companies and start up companies that didn’t have the experience.

Will the company guarantee quality of the replacement parts? If replacement parts are not good quality, another company will be fixing it again soon. Some parts like the torsion springs can break and release over 500lbs of stress right away. Does the company give a written guarantee?

Our guarantee includes same day service. We give better service in Westlake Village and provide repair options for our customers fast. For garage door service Magic will give you peace of mind because when we say we will be there, we are there.

If you own a business it can be very stressful. Getting trapped at work in the evening because you can’t close the garage doors is no picnic at the end of the day. But these things happen and it could be as simple as a part wearing out or a ridiculous accident. If your business depends on getting your garage doors open, the longer they broken, the worse the balance sheet will be.

We propose fast and reliable emergency repair service. Magic will get your doors open again quickly. We provide aggravation free service. We’ll repair your doors or garage door opener when you want us to. We come when you are ready.

Our service technicians are all factory trained. It doesn’t matter what brand of garage door opener you have, we are certified to repair it. We have the best technicians in the local area and we carry a full selection of factory replacement parts for both commercial and residential doors.

Magic Garage Doors has the most aggressive pricing in Westlake Village because we want to be your garage door repair contractor. Our factory qualified personnel know all the ins and outs to repair or replace any brand of garage door, mechanism, or garage door opener.

For your garage door safety check don’t hire  a company that is not as good as ours. When we are done, you don’t have any problems with your garage door. We know the repercussion our work can have for you. Our capable technicians do their best work all the time. They’ll begin with an examination of every part of the garage door system to make sure it’s working perfectly.

During our 10 years of experience we have received many calls from customers that tried DIY repairs for their garage doors. Some people were actually very fortunate nothing bad happened. They didn’t have the necessary tools to relieve pressure on parts. A few didn’t  even have a basic understanding of how the parts came together. They were able to take them apart but not install the new ones.

There are DIY repairs you can do if you choose to. Magic will be happy to have a discussion with you about them if want. But when you are dealing with the immediate discharge of 500 lbs of pressure with spring steel, leave the repair to us.

If you have doubts about a DIY project, call Magic and we will always take care of you right. We are very fast and sensibly priced. Doing repairs to your garage door by yourself can be very hazardous.

We are your leading go-to garage door repair company in Westlake Village. Our dispatchers are waiting for your call. We’ll send our technicians out right away. Magic guarantees your satisfaction. Call today.